TSS | 7 Tips for Finding and Sharing Your Personal Brand Story


These days, there’s no hotter topic than personal branding. And yet, is it just us or does the entire concept of creating a ‘personal brand’ still feel pretty murky? This week, Liz Anthony and Suki Mulberg Altamirano, PR gurus and the founders of PressReady, a program designed to help you teach you to be your own best publicist, are here to break it all down with their seven tips for finding and sharing a memorable brand story. 

Followers, customers and potential investors all want to hear a good story. For new businesses, finding and sharing that story is an important tool for building an industry presence, and for established businesses, the practice of storytelling can further reach while reformulating the aims and targets of a new product or service. Great storytelling is at the core of constructing brand identity and when executed properly builds industry equity, presence and sales. These are our top seven tips to finding and sharing your brand story so you can gain the recognition you deserve!
— Liz Anthony + Suki Mulberg Altamirano 

1. Define who you are as a brand and your direction
When defining your brand, start by writing the basics: who you are, what makes your profile unique and what brought you to this point. Next write out the reason that your business exists. What solution are you providing? What niche does your business fill in the market? What distinguishes you from competitors? Together this past, present and future will weave together to become your story. 

2. A great brand story is succinct 
Your story will define your brand narrative and not only should it be authentic but it should be relatively succinct. Write, edit, write, edit and edit some more until you come up with the perfect narrative. If you’re like us, your first draft will be too long, but getting something on paper is the first step and then you can focus on drilling into what’s most important and tightening up your language. Think about the typical length of introductory content you digest well yourself.

3. Use personal anecdotes to connect with your audience
Data will persuade people, but it doesn't inspire them. Stories do. Make sure to infuse your brand story with your own emotion. Think about the one thing you want to accomplish through your business, the legacy you want to leave behind, what have been your greatest challenges, accomplishments, how have you injected your personality into your business. These are all things that will bring your brand to life and allow a real connection with your audience.

4. Communicate through content
One of the best ways to get your brand story out there is by producing your own content. Produce stories for your own blog and make sure you share your stories on social media. Content can come in many forms, from case studies to e-books, and it’s up to you to decide what’s most relevant to your audience.

5. Get your story heard through media channels
Having a popular news outlet share insight about what you do can bring instant exposure and credibility to your business. Be sure to spend time researching trends and news related to your particular industry so that you can create media stories that are hyper-relevant for your unique audience. 

6. Be consistent
Getting your brand story heard is a marathon not a sprint. Consistency is your friend and keeping up with regular blog posts, social shares, media outreach and other content is critical to long-term success. 

7. Get your customers to share your brand story
Once you’ve built a great story have your audience help spread the love. Customer testimonials can be one of the strongest ways to do this. Feature strong testimonials on your website, incentivize customers to share feedback and leverage creative ways for them to participate with your brand on social media through tailored campaigns. This will help spread the word about your work even faster and will support all of the other endeavors you’re working hard to keep consistent!

about liz + suki

Liz Anthony & Suki Mulberg Altamirano are the Co-Founders of PressReady. With a combined two decades of experience in public relations and marketing leading up two of New York’s top boutique PR agencies, to handling in-house PR for industry leaders including Coach, Elizabeth Arden, Rebecca Minkoff, LVMH and Williams-Sonoma, Liz and Suki created PressReady to help small businesses across industries get noticed. PressReady’s collection of easy-to-use, affordable digital expert industry guidelines, workbooks, planning tools and customizable templates are designed to give you all the tools, information and materials you need to be setup for DIY PR success. Learn more and catch up with Liz and Suki on Instagram @PressReady.