There's a new Royal in town, which got us thinking about how cool it must be to actually be one, right? I mean, I could live like that. But I'm pretty far from having that dream realized (unless I can get Meghan Markle out of the picture), so I asked Ashli Stockton, Founder + CEO of Sunday Forever, a company built on providing us with little luxuries, what she does to live like a member of the monarchy. Follow along and see if you can trick yourself into believing you actually reside in Buckingham Palace. All Hail the Queen.


1. Drink wine out of a fancy glass while taking a bubble bath, snacks on a gorgeous plate optional.
Sometimes winding down is hard, but when I decide to treat myself, I really go for it. A bath is a real luxury, and I prefer to not keep it minimal. It takes some time to set it up right, but it’s worth it every few months to make a bath an event. Part of the ritual is making it beautiful, so I choose my fanciest wine glass and have been known to partake in “bathsnacks."

2. Wear a kimono while eating dinner in bed and watching Netflix. Keep Salt & Pepper Shakers on your night table (optional).
I’m all for slob-kabbobing when time allows, but I find I find if I wear something fancy (but comfy) I still enjoy the sloth-style experience but I feel chicer than I would in my turmeric stained sweatpants. 


3. Buy a $10 bundle of flowers, put them in tons of tiny vases and put them everywhere
No matter the size or stage in my life, it’s always been important that my home feel as hotel-esque as possible. Flower arranging sends me into a meditative state, I just love i — the challenge of making the most inexpensive flowers look great is invigorating. A trick I’ve used for a while is to take any bundle of flowers and clip them into small sprigs and place them in little vases in every nook and cranny possible. It makes all the difference having living little things of beauty all over the place.

4. Keep a pretty bowl or dish filled with your favorite candy at all times.
My preference would be Jordan Almonds. I like the idea of having food that shouldn’t be out in the air floating around, out in the air and floating around. For example, Jordan Almonds aren’t individually packaged, anyone can touch one and put it back. It’s so extra. If I were a real queen, I’d probably toss them out every day and replace them with new ones. But I'm not afraid of germs so I’ll eat them even if they’ve been there for a week. #Fearless. 


5. Iron your sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover.
This certainly isn’t an all the time thing. I’ve done it a few times and it was a REAL treat. Again, living-in-a-hotel goals. 

6. Sit down and order a coffee or tea from the fanciest hotel in town.
I’ve done this at The Plaza in NYC a couple of times, it’s great. It’s a nice way to take a little luxury break. The service is great, the napkins are nice, the people watching is perfect. 

7. Fold the ends of your toilet paper into a perfect point.
#HOTELIFE. When people come over to visit try this once in a while. They’ll have a moment in your bathroom that you may never hear about, but they probably won’t forget. There are few things in life I love more than a detail. 

Because Prince George, Princess Charlotte +
 His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. #RoyalGoals

8. Keep a bowl of fresh lemons on your table.
This is a win/win. I’m a big fan of citrus in general, especially in my smoothie, La Croix or plain old water. They also make any space feel alive, fresh and happy. 



9. Monogram your bath towels.
My husband and I have the exact same initials so this worked out well. It’s an added touch of customization and it never goes out of style. 

10. Scented candles in every room and trim your wicks with the proper tool, a wick trimmer.
There are few things in life that I love more than a perfectly scented candle that also looks chic. They are in every single room of our home and they’re always burning. They add ambiance, life and energy. 

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Ashli Stockton is the founder and CEO of Sunday Forever, a lifestyle brand know for their dreamy good vibes offered in a way that isn’t too woo-woo but just right. They offer perfectly packaged “Nice Things” like sage+lighter sets, crystals, air detox mists, candles, kimonos and more. All made in the USA love and good vibes.