With summer ending, many of us have to (sadly) return to the concrete jungle from vacations that probably took us away from our desks and into the great outdoors. So how do you keep a little nature with you when real life comes crashing in? You ask Anna Ayers, co-Founder of Rahua by Amazon Beauty and she writes down her 7 favorite ways to stay in touch with the outdoors no matter where you are. Read on to stay green.


I’m a country girl at heart. I was born and raised in Georgia and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design before moving to New York City. I’ve always treasured the rich colors and textures found in natural environments which was a catalyst for me to be come a trend forecaster by profession, an Ecoagent®by passion and a creator of natural, sustainable, plant-based beauty products. When I met my husband, Fabian Lliguin, a New York hairdresser of Inca descent, he introduced me to the Amazon Rainforest and it was there that I was touched and inspired by the pristine forest, the abundance, the culture and the beauty. Witnessing simple life there and the untouched forest was life-changing and inspirational, bringing me closer to nature. I believe whatever your lifestyle is – your profession, your environment; bringing nature into your life grounds you and brings awareness of Mother Nature’s beauty, and with it a greater appreciation of its importance. I invite you to stop and smell the flowers! These are my 7 favorite ways to be in touch with nature, beauty and wellness. 
— Anna Ayers

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Clean Eating
Plant-based diets are gaining popularity as there is more and more information on the benefits of eating a vegan-based diet. I love the quote from ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates "Let thy food be thy medicine." Along with this thought, I think of eating plants for preventative health and for healing. There are a few home delivery services that make eating clean really easy. I like Sakara, Fresh n' Lean and Pure Nation.

Clean Hair Care Products
Our skin as well as our scalp is porous and absorbs the products we put on it. We also breathe the styling products we spray on our hair and into the environment. There’s no reason to use haircare and styling products with toxic ingredients any longer. With healthy, high performance, plant-based, toxic free haircare available, you can have the best of both worlds – good health and beautiful results. I'm obviously partial to my own line, Rahua.

Conscience Consumption When Shopping for Clothes
Think Sustainably Sourced, Natural Fibers and Shopping Less…
Look for companies that have a responsible supply chain. Choose fabrics and textiles such as linen, silk and cotton that are naturally hypoallergenic. Avoid petroleum-based synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon that do not allow skin to breathe and can cause skin sensitivities. Buy things you love that are timeless, mend them and make them last. Another favorite way to shop is at specialty consignment stores, as it always feels so good to give them another life. My favorite luxury consignment store is The Real Real. And a few brands that I feel are worth paying attention to are Reformation and Aiayu.

Nourish & Pamper Skin
When in the creative process for developing our beauty products I always think about ways to connect our customers with nature. I love our Body products for this — they nurture the skin and spirit in a very special way. I use Rahua Body Amazon Oil all over my skin every day. Its refreshing scent with palo santo and vanilla keeps me uplifted; and the light, quick absorbing formulation keeps my skin glowing and happy.

Drink an Herbal Infusion
Herbs have been used throughout history as beverage, food and medicine. Herbal teas can be nourishing, calming, energizing as well as a natural sleep aid and more. I like to make an herbal Infusion that I drink daily for different reasons; the one I am making now is for prenatal health as I prepare for baby number two, and consists of 1-part organic Nettle leaf, 1/2-part organic Alfalfa leaf, 1-part organic Red Raspberry leaf, 1/2 part organic Oat straw. 

Relaxation Bath
My favorite way to relax is with a warm bath, I like to make a bubble bath with Rahua Shower Gel (infused with palo santo). Light some candles and zone out.

Aromatherapy + Positive Thinking
I find aromatherapy is a great way to center oneself and begin meditation or channel positive thoughts, like being grateful. I like to burn Palo Santo for this purpose.

Keep Nature Close
Even if you live in the city like I do, you can find ways to keep nature close to you; keeping plants and flowers around you is a great way to do this. Houseplants add life and vibrancy to the home; they are enjoyable and therapeutic, help purify the air and can provide fresh herbs for your kitchen. 

Get Outside
The very best way to be in touch with nature is to get outside and put my feet in the grass, also known as “grounding.” Walking barefoot on the Earth enhances health and provides feelings of well-being.

about anna

Rahua  by Amazon Beauty co-founder Anna Ayers is a graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design. Upon graduation, Ayers moved to NY to pursue a career in fashion. A fashion designer by training and a trend forecaster by profession, Ayers always treasured the rich colors and textures found in natural environments. Her passion for fashion and beauty has taken her from her hometown in Georgia, to New York City, to the Amazon Rainforest.
When she met her future husband, hairdresser and salon owner Fabian Lliguin who is of Inca descent, they discovered they both shared the same creative energy and love of nature and art. Lliguin brought Ayers to the Amazon Rainforest and she was inspired by the untouched forest, the culture and the beauty. Witnessing their simple life and pristine forest was life-changing and inspirational, bringing her closer to nature. While working with Ecoagents® in the Rainforest, Ayers fell in love with the people and rich plant life and felt a deep commitment to help the Quechua people develop a sustainable business. During one of their trips, they met indigenous women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes and were impressed by their extremely long, lustrous, healthy hair. The women introduced them to the highly potent, restorative Rahua oil, which is hand-harvested and processed through centuries old, ceremonial processes and what they believe to be the secret to their thick, flowing hair. This rare ingredient was the beginning of Rahua® by Amazon Beauty®. 
Ayers has made an impact on the beauty industry and real change to the environment by creating earth-friendly, plant-powered, clean, sustainable, naturally beneficial hair and body care products rich with hand-harvested Amazonian nontoxic ingredients.
“The inspiration for Amazon Beauty® and Rahua® beauty products is the Amazon Rainforest. After my and Fabian’s worlds came together, we found common inspiration from nature—lush green forests, fresh air, biodiversity, colorful and rich Amazonia. We believe in the power and the beauty of nature. My passion is to harness this beauty from nature and the rainforest and to share a rich experience with the world in the form of thoughtful beautyproducts.”