If we love one pastime in particular around here, it’s snacking. Which is why we’re celebrating National Snack Day like it’s our freakin’ birthday, complete with cake, balloons and Dada Daily Founder (and unofficial Queen of Snacks), Claire Olshan, who has literally changed the face of snacking (for the better). And her gift to us on this Holiest of days? A walk through a perfect day of healthy-meets-amazing snacking.

11am: Dale’s Raw Foods Vegan Protein Bars
So you’ve been up for hours, you’ve worked out, you’ve eaten breakfast or at least had your delicious morning caffeinated beverage, (which let’s be honest is now basically a gourmet dessert with all the delectable trendy milk alternatives and supplements out there). But now it's 11:00 a.m. and although no adult should be entertaining lunch at that hour, you’re hungryyyy. These Dale’s protein bars are honestly the cleanest I have found on the market (and we all know I am VERY strict when it comes to ingredients in snacks) and are delicious without being sweetened. (Flavors to get include: Cookie Dough, Smores, and Chocolate Cheesecake)

1pm: DADA Daily Hot Turmeric Cabbage Petals
So now you’re coming to the end of the lunch that you’ve waited an hour for from Seamless, or at least 25 minutes for on a Sweetgreen line and it’s gone in 60 seconds! Nearing those last few bites you think, I wish I had just a little something else. TA-DADA! Add these deliciously crunchy, anti-inflammatory digestive aids to the end of you meal and it’ll feel like a treat, even though they are also incredibly good for you!

3pm: DADA Daily Matcha Latte Truffles
It’s 3pm and all of the caffeine you’ve ingested disappears and you would legit take a bite out of your right arm if it were covered in chocolate. Sound familiar? The solution is here in the form of a vegan, creamy, delicious and protein-packed Matcha Latte Truffle. These truffles not only have the perfect dosage of matcha to cure droopy eyes, but also feature maca root which will help increase stamina and focus. Not to mention there’s pea protein in there (8g!) to keep you full and satisfied. 

6pm: Brodo Broth 
Scenario: I am officially addicted to this concept. They basically serve you broth in a coffee mug.  Not only is this weirdly so satisfying and amazing for you, but it doesn’t make you feel full and bloated like other nutrient-packed snacks tend to do. It’s perfect for that in-between hour when dinner feels so close yet so far.

9pm: DADA Daily Crispy Almond Butter Brussels Sprouts
How did it take forever to cook that dinner and only a few seconds to eat it!?! DADA’s brussels sprouts are adorable, poppable little sprouts packed with every superfood you should have put in your morning smoothie (including Spirulina and Moringa to name a few). They are also packed with 12g of protein and 10g of fiber. 

11pm: 100% Vegan Mario’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Sourdough Bagels  with 4th & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee and cinnamon and sea salt.
Scenario 1: You come home drunk and NEEEEEED something. Your mind is racing thinking about donuts and french fries and ice cream, oh my! But I promise this will do the trick.  No explanation necessary this combo will soak up anything you need soaked — naughty cravings included. 

11pm: DADA Daily Schisandra Chocolate Truffles
Scenario 2:
  When you’re 100% sober but just crave-y. These feature the perfect amount of chocolate to satisfy that dessert craving. Plus, they’re vegan, free of refined sugar and have a hefty amount of Schisandra Berry — a medicinal adaptogen that helps fight stress and anxiety and is even known to increase sex drive! Put these babies on your pillow before you leave the house in the morning and I promise you’ll smile as soon as you walk into your room at night!

about claire

Along with an insatiable appetite for all things aesthetic, Claire Olshan has been equally absorbed by her passion for health and wellness. In 2012, Claire founded Fivestory, the go-to-shop to find emerging designers with a whimsical approach to dressing up. In a sense, Claire has always supported those that think out of the box and weave a sense of play into their work. With DADA Daily, Claire bridges the gap between the fashion and food worlds: elevating healthy snacking to an artful event.