It's almost impossible to believe it, but we are officially weeks away from the start of the holiday season. Which I also like to refer to as Retox Season, because stuffing. And egg nog. And fruit cake. Needless to say it feels like this might be the right time to detox so that I can retox with a deficit, and I wanted some sound advice. Turning to the amazing Georgia Grey, holistic health coach extraordinaire, was a no-brainer and I'm excited to follow her 7 steps stat.

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1. Clean Out Your Closet
The spring season gets the reputation as the time to clean out your closet, but a fall clean out is just as beneficial. Get rid of any clothing items that as Marie Kondo says “do not spark joy.” Replace clothes you no longer desire with ones you absolutely love and bring you happiness. For decluttering inspiration check out her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


2. Golden Detox Drink
This drink amazingly combines turmeric, ginger and lemon — my favorite “go-to’s” for detox. They all boost your immune system and fight inflammation. You can add in 1-2 tablespoons of honey for flavor. Visit my blog for the complete recipe. 

3. Let Things Go
Notice how easily the trees let go of their leaves as fall approaches. The fall season is a time to think about what you should leave behind in your life, without guilt, or wanting back. Are there any toxic relationships that are bringing you down? Is there a negative mindset you need to leave in the past? Whatever it is, do some reflection and use this time of year as an opportunity to bid farewell to what no longer serves you.  

4. Epsom Salt Bath
Epsom salt baths are a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to detox at home. Fill a warm bath with one cup of epsom salts. The salts are made with magnesium sulfate, which draws toxins out of the body, relieves stress, muscle tension and aids digestion. For an extra relaxing bath, light some candles, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, or add in an all natural bubble bath.

5. Sober Up
Put down the booze! Eliminating or reducing your alcohol consumption for a week  — or even the entire month — is a sure way to detox and reboot your system. Reducing your alcohol consumption will clear up skin, aid with sleep and digestion and could even help you drop unnecessary water weight. 

6. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
Salt crystal lamps are not only create peaceful lighting, but they help purify the air. The lamps can also increase energy levels, help you sleep better and can even neutralize electromagnetic radiation (caused from cell phones, TV’s etc.). They are affordable and will detox the air in your room or office!

7. Eat Whole Foods
Eating “real” foods is the number one advice I give to all my nutrition clients. Saying goodbye to processed foods is one of the best ways to detox your body. Instead, fill up on whole foods, like leafy greens, fruit, and quality meat. Instead of eating out, try cooking meals at home this week to assure you are getting nutrient dense foods into your diet.  


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Georgia Grey is a holistic health coach based out of Denver, Colorado. She specializes in autoimmune nutrition and self-care. Georgia graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 different dietary theories. If you would like to set up a nutrition consultation or learn more about her health coaching practice visit her website, Whole Body Healing, or find her on Instagram @wholebodyhealing. Outside of the nutrition world, Georgia loves to ski, practice yoga and spend time with friends and family.