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As the Founder of the full service fashion and lifestyle PR + Marketing firm, Bollare Communications, Alle Fister knows a thing or two about the importance of a life in balance. Which is awesome because we have no idea what balance means, TBH, so we asked her to show us the way. Follow along for 7 surefire tips that will help you keep your shit together

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1. This Works Sleep Spray
A foundation for your day (and life!) is a great night’s sleep. I have always valued sleep (sleeping in is one of life’s greatest joys, am I right!?) but a few years ago I was invited to see Ariana Huffington give an amazing talk on the power of sleep — if you haven’t seen this, tune in to her TED Talk immediately! 
After enjoying Ariana’s talk, I started to pay more attention to having an evening routine to wind down and enjoy time with my husband free of distractions and devices (now as I type this, it surely isn’t an everyday reality, but something we strive for). One of my favorite lines of products is This Works, a 24-hour skincare solutions brand. The evening ritual of spraying your pillow with a lovely lavender blend and then getting into bed  is simply a joy!

2.  Olivia von Halle Pajamas
Yes, yes, I know — what are pajamas doing in my wellness Select 7?!  Well, I happen to believe that a luxurious pair of silk pajamas sets the tone for your evening and mentally prepares you for a serious night of rest and relaxation.

3. Grass Fed Coffee
My husband, Don, and I love reading books and watching Netflix documentaries on different diets, food and wellness trends, and one we both enjoyed was about Keto. Since then, we have been drinking Keto-friendly Grass Fed Coffee.  It’s a great way to start the day, and this brand has figured out a way to take this specialty morning drink on the GO!

4. Cork Yoga Mat by Casall
I love doing yoga, and there’s almost no better way to recharge than with a great sweat session. I personally love this cork yoga mat from Casall, as not only does it look cool, but the natural properties of cork are impervious to water and sweat — meaning it doesn’t absorb your sweat.

Taking classes and going to the gym is great, but I also like being able to get in a good workout at home. But where to store all that bulky equipment? Questions answered: I came across JAXJOX, a kettlebell that is literally a SINGLE piece of equipment that can oscillate between 12 to 42 pounds. This tech-smart kettlebell also connects to an app that gives you easy, at-home-able moves and even counts your reps!

6. Path Water
My husband and I are both water people (living by the beach, active in surfing, swimming, kayaking). Taking care of our world’s waterways is a must! Last year I was really fortunate to get to work on a program with our client, Everything but Water and the 5 Gyres Institute and learned some really alarming facts. One that stuck with me is that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans thanfishby weight (!) and that really made me look at my personal footprint, starting with single-use plastics. An easy swap I made was over to Path Water - purified water that comes in an aluminum, reusable bottle. It is so easy - make the switch!

7. Beyond Yoga & their Zodiac Collection
I really love the work we get to do — partnering with the coolest brands and creating innovative and fun concepts and then sharing them far and wide! My team did such a fun campaign this year with Beyond Yoga, creating a Zodiac Collection and then launching it with with the most out-of-the-world (pun intended!) event in NYC! The collection keeps selling out, but just went back online today! I’m a Sagittarius — how about you?

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Alle Fister is the Principal and Founder of Bollare Communications, a full-service beauty, fashion and lifestyle PR & marketing firm with offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Tribeca and Shoreditch. With a team of s 65 savvy employees, Bollare works with the best brands (such as Beyond Yoga, Disney, Forever 21, Olivia von Halle, Timberland, Vans, Wrangler) to create clever, audience-expanding campaigns. 
Bollare is proudly celebrating its THIRTEENTH year in business (officially becoming a TEEN on February 22!).
Scaling the Bollare business, and having the opportunity to work with such innovative team members and clever brands, certainly has come from working smartly and being thoughtful about taking care both personally and professionally.