When Stephanie Hebert visited the Souk in Marrakesh for the first time, she was obsessed immediately. So much so that she dropped everything and opened her online boutique, Baba Souk, to bring some of the magic back to the rest of us. And given what's going on in the world right now, I figured we could all use some of those positive vibes, so I asked her how we can bring some of them into our lives. The answer is: very easily. Here, her 7 ways to bring some magic into your home. 


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1. A Handmade Beni Ourain Rug

If you dream of having a cozy home, our timeless Beni Ourain rugs are a must-have. The fluffiest and most comfortable rugs  ever. They are handmade in Morocco and would honestly turn any space into the coziest chill zone.

2. The New Bohemians Handbook; Come Home to Good Vibes
Our bible! The latest book by Justina Blakeney will not only inspire you to bring more positive energy into your home, it's eye candy, too! You'll definitely want to show it off on your coffee table.

3. Candles
Give your home a spa feel with our hand-poured eucalyptus candles. We just love to light one in our entryway and bathroom. Your guests will be amazed by the aroma in your home.

4. Palo Santo Incense
Well known for eliminating negative vibes, palo santo is what you need to recharge your home with good vibes. We love the feel-good woody hippie smell.

5. Greenery
Make your house a happy place and add some plants to your decor. Any plant will do the trick — the more, the better. Amongst my favorite are the tropical Yuca and the easy to take care of succulents AKA "Mother in law's tongue."


6. Art
Art will make any home interesting. Not only will it bring color and personality to your space, a painting is just the best conversation starter. I've been really into Canadian artist Lysa Jordan's paintings lately. Her art brings together sea and botanical inspiration. So gorgeous!

7. Vegan Gold Pouf
Change your decor and add a Moroccan pouf to your living room, it creates a low seating option that makes for a warm and cozy atmosphere. And ps: adding touches of gold to your decor is always a good idea.


After visiting her husband's family for the first time and discovering their neighborhood, the souk of Marrakech, Stephanie could not leave the market without bringing everything back with her. Amazed by Moroccan arts & crafts, she strives to bring back the best handmade treasures for her online boutique, Baba Souk. Baba refers to a boho heart, a fun and positive spirit.