Happy Earth Day! To jump-start your day of earth-friendly inspo today we tapped Christine Moghadam, the founder of Corc Yoga — an entirely sustainable line of cork yoga mats and accessories — to share her tips for mastering a Mother Earth-approved workout. Because what’s better than burning calories and saving the earth? 

1. Choose products with a purpose 
When it comes to selecting the right fitness gear for your workout routine, look for products that have a positive environmental impact. To do this, it’s important to think about where the product came from and how it was made to really understand how sustainable it is. The Corc Yoga mat is a great example. Each mat is hand-crafted in the same factory, a recognized supplier of sustainably harvested cork in Portugal.

2. Go plastic free
Sustainability and plastic use go hand-in-hand; the less you use, the more sustainable your routine is. That’s why I encourage everyone to use a canteen or reusable bottle throughout the day. S’well, for example, offers a plethora of custom bottles that are suited for any workout — or personality. From color to pattern and size, there’s a S’well bottle for everyone. And most importantly, their stainless steel construction ensures that you use less plastic than traditional alternatives. 

3. Be water-wise 
Reducing the amount of water you use is one of the easiest eco-conscious habits to adopt. Start by reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower, even if it means incremental change — like shortening each shower by a few minutes every week — and you’ll watch your water savings increase exponentially. I’ve also heard of people using a timer to learn their optimal shower routine. It works! Also, consider using cold water when washing your clothes. Most soaps and laundry detergents are strong enough to work effectively without hot water. If you’re not convinced, mix the soap with a cup of hot water and pour it into the washer. This mixture will ensure that your workout apparel comes out clean.

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4. Carpool more
Friends don’t let friend’s workout alone. Whichever way you choose to exercise — gym, yoga, Pilates, spin, etc. — why not plan, and share a ride? A workout routine that incorporates others, be it friends or family, is much more sustainable than if you were always to drive alone. And it’s more fun! Check out the LetSinc app, a tool perfect for calendarizing local commutes and sharing this information with others. 

5. Choose healthy snacks with sustainability certifications 
Staying fit requires a healthy diet, and this includes the food that fuels your workout. It’s common to pack a snack for before and after exercise, but it’s not easy to identify which items are sustainable. So next time you visit the grocery store, look for snacks that are rainforest certified or fair trade certified. Both certifications ensure that your purchase supports a sustainable future for the environment and people who farmed the food.

6. Exercise outdoors
When the weather permits, choose to exercise outdoors. This activity could be yoga in the park, cycling on a bike trail, running along a path or track, walking with friends, etc. Not only is this good for your mind and body, but it also reduces the need for more facilities in already crowded areas. With the help of social media and the Web, finding a group to join is simple. Chances are, many people already forgo the gym to exercise outdoors. Now it’s your turn. For example, meetup.com curates a comprehensive list of outdoor yoga groups across the U.S.

7. Use eco-friendly soaps
From washing stinky workout clothes to cleaning dishes and rinsing hands, choose eco-friendly soaps and detergents. The stigma that ‘they just don’t work’ is outdated and wrong. There are many options sold at Target and Walmart and on Amazon. So, please give one a try. Look for Meyers, Method or Seventh Generation. All three produce great results, even on clothes repeatedly exposed to sweat and dirt. 

about christine

Christine Moghadam is the Founder and Owner of Corc Yoga, a sustainable yoga company. After spending some time in Portugal following a family loss, Christine felt inspired by the culture and people who helped heal her spirit. While in Portugal, Christine fell in love with the country’s cork trees. After learning about how cork trees sustain a livelihood for many in Portugal, she was compelled to create a product that was both socially and environmentally conscious. In partnership with a 3rd generation cork manufacturer, Christine introduced the most sustainable yoga mat on the market.