TSS | 7 Ways to Leverage Your Linkedin to Grow Your Business

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook may get all the hype when it comes to social networking, but after chatting with Grace Reyes, President of the Association of Asian American Investment Managers and one of the most prominent voices in finance, we quickly learned it’s important to give LinkedIn some serious love, too. Read on as Reyes, who has a cool 13,000 followers, breaks down her 7 tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business.  

From boosting your visibility to expanding your network, Linkedin is a channel that makes establishing and spreading thought leadership easier than ever. As an active user of Linkedin, I’ve amassed a good following through this platform and have learned first-hand a few things that work exceptionally well.  
— Grace Reyes

1. Engage regularly
Posting regular thought-leadership pieces on Linkedin means that your network of contacts will be reminded of your work as they peruse their feeds. In terms of content frequency, I recommend posting at least two to three times per week. 

2. Keep it concise
When it comes to the content itself, short and sweet does the trick. We’re all busy professionals, which means quick, smart, timely and authentic content is key. I also suggest using line spacing between short sentences to break up articles from a visual perspective. 

3. Show your wit
There’s no better way of grabbing people’s attention than with a witty, short opening caption. Think of this as your news “headline” and make it memorable. It’s your shot to entice people to read more of what you have to say! 

4. Use what’s trending
Connecting your message to something going on in popular culture or to a topic that is on everyone’s mind is a great way of capturing more attention while establishing your voice and perspective.

5. Keep it real
I find a balance between keeping content Linkedin appropriate while blending in some of my personal life (in a way that connects to my professional message), helps me connect with followers and contacts. An example is sharing about my trip to Cuba to re-energize earlier this year. My message of needing to disconnect to reconnect was something that was relevant personally but also professionally.

6. Be generous
Engaging with other people in your network, supporting and connecting with their posts is a great way to share the love! This will build goodwill for others to engage with your own thought leadership and will help it reach larger audiences as posts are given likes and receive comments. Paying it forward always comes full circle in the end. 

7. Establish your credibility
At the end of the day, people want to know that you’re worth their time. Can you prove it? I myself could talk a big game about my close network of investment professionals, but can I actually support that? I do this by sharing behind the scenes insight from my meetings and selfies with notable people. Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what you do is a great way to illustrate your credibility. 

about grace

Grace Reyes is the President of the Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM), a non-profit organization promoting diversity and gender balance in the investment industry. Featuring seasoned and rising investment managers that handle over $1T AUM collectively, Grace helps Emerging Managers gain access to the largest institutional investors. Through her close network of industry leaders and prominent investors, Grace has amplified her message, while attaining a top 1% investment management profile on Linkedin. She can always be found engaging with her Linkedin following, sharing selfies and conversations with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names. You can catch up with her anytime at linkedin.com/in/GraceReyes.