There's an overarching theme on this site, and that is that I suck at packing. So anytime someone wants to share their packing tips, I act like a junkie getting her fix. Truth: There is no greater high for me than the one I get from the possibility of anxiety-free travel. And I derive even greater pleasure when the advice is coming from someone as cool, chic and together as Pav Völkert, VP of Creative and Brand at Tata Harper Skincare. And you're lucky, because I like to share.

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Between work and leisure, I spend more than half the month traveling. Packing has become second nature; give me ten minutes and I’ll have a carry-on packed and be ready to go around the world! Whether going to the Tata Harper farm in Vermont or my frequent visits to Paris to check in on our newly opened spa at Le Bristol, i always have these 7 things in my bag.
- Pav Völkert

1. Good Reads
Not that there's ever much downtime, but I'm never without a book. Currently I'm reading Stoned, a take on the history of gemology in relationship to the perception of value.

2. Wardrobe Essentials
A trench coat. I found a dreamy Celine in my favorite vintage shop in Paris, Thanx God I’m a VIP. Cheeky name with one-of-kind finds run by very cool, local couple. 

SZ coverupsMy summer uniform by dreamy London-based designer and good friend. Handmade by a family-run studio in Jaipur, supporting local empowerment programs for women. 

Running sneakers. Best way to get to know a city and fend off jet lag!

3. Beauty
The entire Tata Harper Skincare line! Only half kidding.. But if I had to nail down my desert islands products, they would be: Hydrating Floral Essence, the most delicious smelling light spritz that will save your skin from drying out on flight and at that 4pm slump; Boosted Contouring Eye Mask —  insider trick, use as a leave on! I slather my eyes, nose and lips in air and at night before bed; and our new Resurfacing Serum, a total game changer for jet lagged, dull, lackluster skin.  It has the same benefits as our crowd favorite, Resurfacing Mask; instant glow is an understatement. 

4. Everyday Basics
S'well water bottles (I picked up mine at the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit a couple of years ago) and a stainless steel straw. Get serious about your waste, it takes so little to do so much. Keep it Clean! 

5. Supplements
I eat out every meal on the road; lots of plates topped with lots of wine. Trying to find some semblance of balance, I take a probiotic from Dr Ohhira, love this one for travel as it is one of few that doesn’t require refrigeration; Vital Proteins Collagen Veg editionEnergy Booster from Well Told Health, Anima Mundi MoringaSun Potion AshwagandaSakara Life Detox Concentrate and Milk Thistle from Hum. Plus another half a dozen herbs and supplements pulled from vibey, health food shops around the New York City like Elm Health, Integral Natural Foods and High Vibe

6. Keeper of Found Treasures
I always take a canvas boat tote to hold market finds, I always leave with more than I came with.

7. Travel Companion
If the trip allows, my Ewok, Gertrude; a blind rescue pup from the Human Society who saved me nine years ago. Every day is better with a dog. Adopt, don't shop!

about PAV Völkert

Pav Völkert lives in NYC and is the VP of Creative and Brand at Tata Harper Skincare. She actively supports African Wildlife Conservation, animal and environmental organizations; Animal Haven, Tusk and the Climate Reality Project as well as veteran causes: Wounded Warriors and Head Strong.