“If not this, then what?” That’s the question I was stuck with when I realized my dream job wasn’t my dream. It checked off so many boxes: Directing an incredible non-profit, living abroad, and being paid to change people’s lives, but something was still missing. I had no clue what. All I knew was that, I felt limited, and if I wanted the job of my dreams, I would have to shape and create it myself. If you feel the same way, here are some ideas that led me to becoming a life and business coach for women. They’ll help you get crystal clear on what you want and show you how to bring more passion and purpose into your career.
— Kimberly Lucht

1. Host a workshop on something you love
If there’s a topic you absolutely love, something you always think about and that energizes you, hosting your own workshop could be the perfect way to test out your ideas. My coaching business would be non-existent if I hadn't decided to do a simple workshop for a group of friends. It was the first thing I did in the personal development field and there was such an incredible response that I took it a step further and created a business out of it.

2. Experiment with your talents online (and not just by freelancing)
You probably underestimate how much of a genius you are, but the truth is that what you do is totally amazing to somebody else. We’re all miracle workers in certain contexts, whether that’s developing relationships with the media, bringing a community together, or getting people hyped about a cause. So if you’ve got a gift or talent that people consider absolutely amazing, consider offering one or two services to your online community. Because get this: by 2025, the e-learning marketplace is expected to reach $325 billion. That means your knowledge really is power and, quite literally, money, especially when you find a way to teach it.

3. Start a creative project or side hustle
Nothing is more exciting than building something that’s yours, even if you just have a few hours a week to dedicate to it. My coaching clients have built everything from language-learning businesses to artistic projects on the side of their full-time jobs. The result? Total fulfillment. It lights them up. And the common thread is that they have full ownership over these endeavors. If you have just one idea, putting an hour towards it every week can help you bring it to life faster than you think.

4. Ask your boss if you can lead a professional event for your co-workers
Getting certified as a yoga teacher? Ask your co-workers if they’d like you to lead a lunch and yoga workshop. Just took a course on personal branding? See if you can share your learning with the team as a professional development activity. There’s always a way to bring your talents into the workplace. Your creativity is the only limit!

5. Do an energy analysis on your professional life
Grab a piece of paper and list all the things you do in a typical day. Then rate each of those things from 1-10 (1 being a total drain and 10 being on top of the world). Circle the things that are under a 5 and see if you can find a way to either eliminate them from your workload entirely, delegate them to somebody else, or chat with your boss to see if you could reshape the responsibilities in a way that brings your gifts to light.

6. List out your top three values and then write down careers or projects that amplify those values
My top three values are freedom, creativity, and self-expression, which pointed me in the direction of being an entrepreneur. If your top three values are honesty, storytelling, and building community, those values might be nudging you to create a film, article or book about a cause you care about. If your top values are humor, having fun, and making people laugh, those values might be pointing you towards doing amateur stand-up once a week. As you clarify your values, the path becomes much clearer.

7. Remind yourself that you have a unique gift to offer the world
You were born for a reason: to bring your gifts into the world for the highest good. And if you don’t bring those gifts into the world, no one can benefit from your genius ideas, advice, and know-how. Never forget that there are always people that appreciate what you add to their lives, whether that’s professionally or personally. And when you love what you do, your impact is amplified.

about kimberly

Kimberly Lucht is a life and business coach, and founder of Rehumanize Me, which helps female entrepreneurs make their dream business a reality. Degree-trained in psychology, Kimberly has previously directed and grown multiple start-ups. As a life and business coach now, she helps women massively increase their income, productivity, and overall fulfillment in life through in-person workshops, online programs, and one-on-one coaching. Kimberly has been featured in Money, Thrive Global, and School of Shine. She currently lives in New York City. Click here to get her free “Road Map to Your Dream Life” e-book.