I think we can all agree that the world is feeling a little shaky right now, and if you're anything like me, when shit gets weird, I hit the couch. Hard. Because sometimes, home is the only place that feels entirely safe. Enter author and home detox expert, Sophia Gushée, who we tapped to give us some advice on turning our living space into a living oasis. Read on and find your zen. 

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Having lived through renovation projects for too many years, I have derived deep pleasure from finding the simple ways to start transforming my home from a chaotic, stressful environment to a serene, restorative one. While our renovation work is crawling towards completion at a snail’s pace, the seven tips below have transformed my home into a nourishing oasis. And I hope that they may help yours as well!


1. Snake Plant (aka Sansevieria laurentii) offers many benefits. Extremely tolerant of low light and infrequent watering, it’s the most low maintenance plant species that I’ve come across. A NASA study also found it effective in removing common indoor toxins. I like to keep several of them in our bedrooms as they are particularly effective at consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen at night.

2. A Seagrass Basket makes a great planter. Afraid to commit the time and money to finding and buying decorative containers for my plants (since I wasn’t confident my plants would survive), I’ve been very happy with seagrass baskets. These relatively inexpensive and multipurpose baskets transform the presence of plants, while also being light to carry and useful for organizing other things if it doesn’t work out with the plants. 

3. Selenite Crystal Lamp. These beautiful, white stones (reportedly) offer healing benefits: Balancing energy, removing negative influences, and facilitating sound judgment and enlightened perspective. Undoubtedly, incorporating these lamps throughout my home has been instrumental towards creating serenity and contentment!

4. Tech Organizer. Technology has pervaded our lives like nothing else. In trying to reduce unnecessary radiation in my home, I have found that having a technology “home” has helped tremendously. Now, every member of my family knows that, unless they are using their technology (cell phones, laptops, and other wireless devices), their technology belongs in the charging station (i.e., “technology home”) with wireless functions turned off. This has really helped our technology addiction, and made home more rejuvenating. 


5. Shungite. Shungite is a black-colored stone that is billions of years old. It's believed to clear negative energy — and even protect against electromagnetic radiation from our manmade sources. Studies have found Shungite to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and to be effective in filtering water of contaminants. I place them near me when I work, and add them to a pitcher of filtered drinking water.

6. Sea Salt. I’ve been excited to discover the many ways 100% pure sea salt can be used at home. Besides in your food, adding them in your bath can help detox your body and skin; and leaving them in bowls around your home can detox negative energy, according to ancient beliefs from Feng Shui to shamans.

7. Detox Your EMFs. This 21-day digital detox simplifies the practical tweaks you can make to reduce the electromagnetic fields (i.e., radiation) from your wireless and wired technologies. As EMFs become more integrated into our household products, the intensity in our homes continues to reach unprecedented levels. I created this must-experience program to share what everyone has a right to know about unnecessarily burdensome energy at home. Detox Your EMFs doesn’t ask you to ban anything you love, it just offers simple tips for a healthier relationship with your technology and the energy they emit. The key place to be more thoughtful? In your bedroom so that sleep can be even more restorative.

about sophia

In October 2015, Sophia published her first book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures. It has been critically acclaimed by experts (including professors, physicians, and researchers) and conscious consumers. It's essential for those who want to detox your home, and strive for toxin-free living.

Sophia is sought after for her expertise on practical toxin-free living. She has been featured on many platforms, including the Dr. Oz Show, MindBodyGreen, AOL Lifestyle, and Well+Good. 

"Healthy home guru" and "clean-living guru" are examples of how Sophia has been described by Well+Good, the two-time Webby Award-winning website (The New York Times has described the Webby Award as the "Internet's highest honor"). Yes, Sophia's also a member of the elite Well+Good Council. From the Well+Good website:
"The Council Members span the wellness spectrum, from yoga guru and author Sophia Gushee, who's become the authority on living a non-toxic life, to designer Norma Kamali, who will focus on feminism and fashion. And that's just to name a few!"

Sophia is a graduate of Brown University, and Columbia Business School. She is also a certified yoga teacher. 

Sophia and her husband live in NYC with their three children and dog.