Second guessing yourself and needing to ask friends, family, a therapist or a psychic for their opinion/advice is an indication of anxiety. It's a symptom of not trusting yourself. The truth is that everyone has the ability to listen to that small inner voice that really knows what's best for us. Once you tune in and know how to listen, not only will your anxiety transform but so will your life. Here are 7 ways to get you started.
— Betsy LeFae

1. Write it Out
Many people have resistance to journaling. A common theme I hear is “I don’t know what to write” or “I don’t have anything to say”. If this is true for you and journaling is difficult, start by writing out the problem you wish to seek guidance on. Write out your issue as though you were talking to a friend you would normally seek guidance from. Then, write the answer to your problem as though you were giving advice to a trusted friend. The process of journaling will cause you to slow down your thoughts and come to conclusions you may otherwise not see had you not taken the time to write it out.

2. Take a Walk in Nature
Nature is the ultimate healer and can help you tune out the noise of life and tune into you. Studies have shown that if you don’t have direct access to nature a good substitute is closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a nature scene. Our imaginations are powerful and when stressed we can take a mini nature vaca by daydreaming we are at the beach or in a forest.

3. Clear Your Energy
Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension and gotten creeped out, anxious or overwhelmed? Whether we recognize it or not we are taking on other people’s energy and emotions all the time. It’s a must for you to know what is yours and clear other people’s stuff for you to trust yourself. So grab this free meditation and get started clearing your energy today.

4. Ask the Cards
Sometimes it can be helpful to turn to an oracle deck for answers. If you are unfamiliar with the tarot I would not recommend starting there. For a more easeful in to the ways of oracle decks, I recommend The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook by my friend Kim Krans. Simply shuffle the deck and pull a card. The guidebook will let you know what the card is all about. Then apply that message to your current situation for clarity.

5. Use the Reassurance Mudra
Mudras are shapes you make with your hands that help you with different facets in your life (think yoga for your hands). Hold the Reassurance Mudra for 2-5 minutes to gain more trust in yourself. Mudra Instructions: Grasp the left thumb with the right hand. Curl the left hand over the right hand. Touch the tip of the right thumb to the tips of the left index, middle and ring finger. Relax the shoulders and belly and find your natural breath. Check out more Mudras from this deck here.

6. Learn to Trust Your Intuition
Many people find it hard to believe that it is possible to know whether or not someone or something is trustworthy before you know any facts about the person or situation. The very definition of intuition describes this: the ability to know something without having logical reasoning to back it up. If you are serious about learning how to Trust Your Intuition I recommend taking the class Trust Yourself: Intuition Development Through Awareness.

7. Flip a Coin
I enjoy teaching this activity because it likely isn’t what you think. How it Works: Grab a coin. Randomly assign the options for a decision you have to make. One as heads, the other as tails. Flip the coin, to see what it says. Whether heads or tails is not what’s important here. What is important is your body’s reaction to what the coin says. If your initial reaction is one of expansiveness, excitement, happiness, etc. Your intuition is telling you to go with that option. If your initial reaction is one of constriction, disappointment, etc. Your intuition is telling you not to go with that option.

about betsy

Betsy LeFae’s unique approach to coaching comes from her two decades of experience as an award-winning psychic, sex educator and social worker. Betsy uses her keen intuition to reveal blind spots, patterns, and curves that are right around the bend to give her clients a leg up. She teaches her clients how to trust themselves, in addition to how to know if someone is trustworthy. This approach allows her clients to experience the connection, empowerment and passion they always knew was possible in relationships. Self-awareness, the ability to be vulnerable and receive, and understanding universal laws, allow women to develop relationships with friends, co-workers, and romantic partners that feel nourishing and supportive.When you know how to trust yourself, and you trust the right people, real intimacy, and fantastic sex can thrive!