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Tis the season of champagne and resolutions, so we decided to combine the two and get Rachel Katzman, founder of the champagne-fueled haircare company, Cuvée Beauty, on board to share her tips for upping your beauty and wellness game in 2019. So pop a bottle, sit back and learn how you can be the best version of you in the New Year.

Having started two companies in the beauty and wellness space (Cuvée Beauty and P.volve), I live and breath everything good for me and am always looking for tips and tricks on how to step up my health game — especially now, in December, when I'm setting my New Year's resolutions. A few years ago, I started living a healthier lifestyle, starting from the inside out, and have gotten so much stronger both mentally and physically. Through eating organic, clean beauty, relaxation techniques and doing low-impact workouts, I've never felt better and want to share my secrets with the world! — Rachel Katzman

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1. Take Care of Your Scalp
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and we need to pay attention to the ingredients in our products! My haircare line, Cuvée Beauty, is formulated with clean skincare-grade ingredients, including champagne extracts, ceramides, white truffle, pea protein, resveratrol and platinum. My favorite product, the Essential Booster, has the highest concentration of these ingredients plus Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B for maximum hydration and antioxidant protection.

2. Skincare
We all know the amazing glow you have after a fabulous facial, and now thanks to innovation, we can achieve the same results right in our own homes. My favorite skincare innovation is Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro. It's a light therapy device for your face that’s great for anti-aging, wrinkles, acne and an overall radiant complexion. I have seen a huge improvement in keeping my skin clear and dewy; the only downside is that it's pricey, but the long-term benefits are so worth it!

3. Supplements
I am obsessed with Welleco’s Nourishing Plant Protein Powder. It's hard to find a protein power that’s organic with clean ingredients, low in sodium and actually tastes good, but this one checks all the boxes! I like to mix mine with half an avocado or blueberries, spinach and water. It keeps me full, increases my energy and helps with digestion.

4. Texture, Texture and more texture! 
I hate washing and blow drying my hair and I'm all for that messy undone look. I've tried a million salt sprays, but they would either dry out my hair or leave it crunchy and stiff. So, I created my Cuvee Beauty Champagne Spray to give you that amazing tousled look while still have touchable movement...and you can use it several times a day! No grease. No stiffness. You can use it on damp hair, braid and go to sleep to wake up to perfect beach waves, or use it on dry hair for an extra punch. 

5. Workout
Being consistent with working out is all about finding something you truly love and actually look forward to doing. I never enjoyed working out until I began doing P.volve. It’s a low-impact sculpting and toning method that delivers incredible strength and definition while getting rid of bulk. With the colder months coming, nobody wants to walk to the gym, but P.volve has an online streaming platform and app, so I can workout on my own schedule - and from anywhere. Sometimes I even stream at the office and ALWAYS do it while traveling!

6. Podcasts! 
In today’s world, receiving information is endless and I love listening to podcasts when getting ready for the day, walking to work and on a plane. My favorite is MindBodyGreeneach episode highlights a specific expert within the wellness world and I've discovered so many amazing tips and tricks this way! Any topic you are looking to find out information on, I bet you there is a podcast out there! 

7. Relax
I love putting a few Fab CBD Oil Drops under my tongue, or even in calming tea during the evening. I work what I like to call 25/8, so my mind is always racing and I have a hard time shutting it off. These drops help calm my mind and body down, but in a very natural way! Not only is it a de-stresser, but it helps fight inflammation, digestion issues and any hormonal problems. Double bonus!

about Rachel

A Mid-Western girl living in New York City, Rachel Katzman is a tastemaker who lives and breathes all things beauty, fitness, wellness, fashion and travel. Her life-long love of beauty, which began by dying her hair in the 4th grade, isn’t just a passion — it’s a way of life.    

Always experimenting with the latest beauty products and treatments, Rachel had a breakthrough experience that sparked a major beauty discovery. After a playful dousing of Champagne on her 21st birthday, at the end of the evening, Rachel realized her hair had in fact never looked or felt better. Rather than just snap a selfie and chalk it up to luck, Rachel’s tenacity and natural curiosity kicked in and she spent the next three years researching ways to bottle Champagne as a hair treatment—all while mixing products and ingredients in her own bathroom. Driven by her entrepreneurial instincts, Rachel partnered with a lab, and, in 2016 turned her obsession with bubbly into Cuvée Beauty.

The New York-based haircare brand is a state-of-the-art Champagne and skin-care grade-infused product line designed for low-maintenance, high-style living. Rachel’s mission is to transform hair everywhere with the most efficacious ingredients and empower women with the confidence that goes along with it.