I need my morning workout almost as badly as I need my morning coffee, and I''m not gonna lie: sometimes travel stresses me out if I think I won't be able to keep up with my routine. Luckily many fitness studios are branching out and opening locations across the country (some are even going global) and those that don't have outposts often have apps or on-demand videos that you can do in your hotel room. And, according to Ashley Nelson, world traveler and creator of the On the 10 travel and fitness blog, sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to get the endorphins going. Here, her 7 ways of staying in shape on the road. Oh. And did I mention that she's also given us a peek inside her gym bag? #winning.

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I have always been active but when I was in PR at an agency I needed to find a place that I could have ‘me time’ – for me that is working out. Now that I travel so often, last year alone I was in 10 countries and visited more than 40 cities, I have to get creative to ensure I’m staying active and taking care of myself. For me, working out is not about looks, sure that is a perk but it’s more about feeling great both mentally and physically. Since I work for myself, I try to squeeze in a workout everyday but if I can’t, I have elements of these workouts that I can incorporate into my daily routine, even if it’s just 5 minutes. 



Sweat with Bec
Bec’s class is simply amazing. The Aussie will sculpt your backside and legs like no one else with her "cake maker" bands. I toss these into my suitcase on every single trip. She also does quick workouts on Instagram that I can save down to reference for when I’m on the road!

Body Conceptions
This dance cardio fitness class is what I credit my core with. I took Mahri’s Body Conception, Love Yourself, workout challenge two years ago and ever since I’ve been hooked on the workout. The class is high energy and I can knock out a great work out in 45 minutes. It also helps that she recently launched videos that are five minutes long so I can do them at home or in my hotel room. She also has classes in Denver!

Core Power Yoga
Since I’m on the go so much these days, I’ve learned to search for those studios I go to in NYC that also have locations in other places. Fortunately for me I have fallen in love with Core Power Yoga’s Yogasculpt class that is just the right amount of zen and cardio for me, and they have studios all across the US. (Note: I am an ambassador for the brand, but all options are my own. I genuinely love their yogasculpt class!)

I was admittedly never a ride or die kind of girl until I became friends with my fitness influencer community. It took them all of two classes to flip me. I’m hooked. Riding to the beat never made sense to me but now that I know what I’m doing, I find it simply amazing that a room full of people feel so alive while moving seamlessly together. Another great nationwide option with studios in nearly every major city. 

I have yet to come across a boxing experience like Dogpound. Whether it's a private training session or one of their 45 minute classes, I seemingly manage to leave exhausted but full of life. Sure it is slightly intimidating but the instructors are fantastic, encouraging and know just how to push you to put forth your 110%. Now they’re popping up all across the globe!

Nike+ Training Club
No, I’m not an ambassador, but I do love this app. The app gives you workouts so when I’m needing to change up my routine or I’m looking for someone to help motivate me this app has been a lifesaver.

My absolute favorite form of exercise? Walking around and exploring wherever I am fortunate enough to be traveling to.  This could be the New Yorker in me, but I love seeing a city this way.  Whether I’m in a major city like Paris where I clocked about 13 miles last September, in a serene, remote island such as Turtle Island where I managed to rack up 6 miles or snowshoeing through Utah, I believe that I can see more of a destination on foot than any other way!

Ashley On the 10’s 7 Must Have Gym Bag Essentials

The Bag
Once I leave my apartment I’m typically gone for the day so regardless of if I’m getting my workout done in the morning or evening I usually have a gym bag in tow with me for the day.  I am can’t remember what I did before my Caraa Sport gym bag. It is lightweight and actually holds everything from my gym gear to my 13” Rosegold MacBook.

The Beauty Organizer
Within my Caraa bag I need to keep all of my smaller gym essentials as organized as possible so pack my beauty essentials (all below!) into Hudson + Bleecker’s clear Grotta makeup bag. This bag holds so much, it’s easy to clean and I can drop it easily into my gym bag, a weekend or a suitcase.

The Face Wash
I have incredibly sensitive skin so I ensure that I take my True Botanicals products with me in travel size containers. My skin is acne prone, dry and I travel a lot so the combination is brutal. True Botanicals is the only one I’ve been able to find that does the trick to keep it under control.

The Dry Shampoo
I swear by Bumble and Bumble’s pret-a-powder! I have the travel size in every bag I carry. It’s an easy way to revitalize your hair after a workout class (or even a long flight.) It’s not an aerosol which I really like and is quite small to fit in just about any bag.

The Shaving Needs
The Sphynx portable razor is not only cute and functional but I no longer worry that I’m going to put my hand in my bag to dig for my razor and get an accidental cut. I also have very sensitive skin so use eos’s dry skin shave cream.

The Makeup
After I workout the last thing I want to do is put on a face full of makeup but I want my skin to look refreshed with a bit of a glow.   I use Nars Radiance primer to set the stage then use Nars tinted moisturizer and Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Duo in Filmstar. These two are my ultimate combo for a fresh face. Lips are always Stila’s all day lipstick typically in Sheer Besa.

Post-Workout Gear
I pretty much live in Madewell high rise jeans and Year of Ours sports bras – they are SO comfortable - and layer with a Rag & Bone tee (or an LNDR sweater!) and topped off with my Unemployed denim jacket. I wear my New Balance 574’s or Saucony’s originals because they are both incredibly comfortable sneakers to run around town wearing.


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Ashley Nelson of On the 10 is an NYC-based, globally curious world traveler, blogger and creative consultant who has a passion for living a healthy life. On the 10 strives to be a destination where readers can take a break to get travel guides and fitness tips all with a bit of style weaved throughout. Whether in NYC, back home in Texas or traveling around the globe Ashley runs a successful consulting business with travel, fitness and lifestyle clients in NYC, London, Denver and Dallas who she leads efforts for in digital marketing and PR.