For the first time ever, we're featuring the three amazing women behind AYR, the womenswear clothing brand (Vogue described their jeans as being "like a gift from the denim gods") over the course of three Sundays.

In the second installment, we're talking to Jac Cameron,  AYR's Creative Director, about how she manages to always be so damn happy. Turns out she attributes it partly to yoga, but mostly to these 7 things  that give her a natural high. Because, c'mon: who doesn't want to be high, naturally?

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1. Get Your Sweat On
Make sure you give yourself the time to get back to self, for me that means an incredible workout. 50 minutes to an hour is all you need to really press the re-set button. Something high impact helps boost your endorphins and always aids with approaching the day in a more clear-headed manner. I have always loved something fast paced, my current obsession is Megan Roup’s class, The Sculpt Society. It’s a vibrant mix of dance cardio and weight sculpting which is the perfect balance of both fast and controlled. Post work out I love nothing more than to throw on my AYR Robe over my workout clothes and go for brunch at Sant Ambroeus

2. Quiet Time
I’m a huge believer in finding a process that helps you quiet the mind, especially when life/work gets busy and overwhelming. I often go to Woom Center on Bowery for yoga and meditation (274 Bowery, 2nd Floor, NYC; +1 646 678 5092). I also take their sound experience and breath work classes, which bring about a sense of calm and inspire a feeling of natural high incomparable to anything.

3. Hang the DJ
Almost nothing makes me happier than making a new mix of music to dance to! Early 90’s UK Garage, 60’s Nigerian pop, George Michael radio on Spotify, Trip hop, heavy dance, soul, disco — I’m obsessive about good music and I absolutely love to try out new dance spots in the city. A good beat on in the background and a cup of tea is how I love to sketch and create the new collection.

4. A Good Ole Giggle
Laughter really is a remedy for any blue day. I grew up in Scotland where it rain’s 90% of the year and experienced humor as a method of bringing some happiness to a grey day. I have always taken this with me, and like to approach a stressful situation with a touch of humor. Its something I’m very proud that we are all able to do here at AYR. The East village Comedy Club and the Upright Citizens Brigade are both amazing places here in the city to watch live stand up. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Bridges, a Glaswegian comedian whom chats candidly about growing up in Glasgow. Very Scottish and never fails to make me cry laughing!

5. Self love and Home Comforts
Treat yourself to the kind of comforts that are innate to your own self-healing process. I pop on my Silk AYR Mirage Pants, do a hair mask and a face mask and drink a homemade elixir 2 nights a week. This is truly a time for me to have a rest and do some self-pampering. I love Loli Beauty’s Miracle Balm that can be used both as a mask and as a make up remover. I throw on a coconut oil and avocado mask that I make at home to my hair twice a week for natural hydration. Easy ways to elevate your mood and practice some nice self care. 

6. Moon Juice
EVERYTHING from MoonJuice is a natural high elevator! I personally love to mix Mucuna Pruriens into any smoothie, which is a potent and immediate happy-making mood booster! 

7. A Wee Dram
A tiny tipple of Laphroaig before bed is my routine and has been for years ;)

about jac

Jac Cameron is a Glaswegian living in New York City by way of London. She is the Creative Director at AYR, whose designs have been named “a gift from the denim gods” by Vogue. She is an avid lover of all things denim, yoga and green leafy veggies. 

You can find her in a wash house in LA or doing head stands at Woom in NYC, always head to toe AYR, usually smiling.