While it's still August, it's a mere 62 degrees in New york as I write this, so Fall is definitely in the air, and  it got me thinking about how I'm going to undo all of the skin damage I've done this summer. From too much sun (brown spots!) to too much sunscreen (clogged pores!) to too much rosé (dehydration!), I've not been quite as kind to myself as I could have been. Enter Cayli Cavaco Reck, Select Guest alum (you can find her week here) and my skin (and pretty much everything else) guru. The owner of the incredible shop, Knockout Beauty, with locations on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Bridgehampton, she is my go-to for clean, organic beauty, skincare, makeup, fashion, astrological readings and about a million other things, so there was no one else I was going to go to for damage control. Here, her advice on how to get your skin in shape for the new season.

*please note that all of the items below can be purchased through their respective links, or for more personalized service, please email Cayli at hello@knockoutbeauty.com and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

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1. Year round I dry brush, but I seem to be more consistent with it in the fall. It's an excellent way to detoxify the body and get the lymph moving. Our circulatory system uses the heart as a pump, but without a pump the lymphatic system requires a bit of help. The likelihood of me hoping on an inversion table or jumping on a rebounder is slim, so I use a body mitt. I love the Supracor bath mitts because they are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and you can use them in or out of the shower. I dry brush, in strokes (get your mind out of the gutter) towards my heart before I hop in the shower and then I use the same mitt inside the shower to deliver my soap and just hang it dry with the attached loop — easy!

2.  After the shower its all about Derma-Lac from Environ. It's a lactic acid lotion that makes your skin baby soft and smooth. It can make you sun sensitive, so I only use it for part of the year and begin in the fall as soon as I'm off the beach and wearing jeans again. 

3.  Then I apply the UMA Anti-Aging Body Oil which smells divine and is a fantastic moisturizer. The blend of oils fights free radicals and environmental toxins. A host of powerful botanicals formulated to enhance the skin’s surface, promote elasticity, and diminish pigment, sun damage,  and the ever challenging stretch marks. 

4. Every day I take 2 supplements. Lumity has separate AM and PM complexes. The one I take in the morning helps my body produce collagen and the one I take before bed helps me get a restful night’s sleep and helps my body release the HGH that begins to lie dormant as we age.

5. The other supplement I take every day is Catalyst Gold. It's a superfood in a capsule. It helps with hair, skin, nails, sugar cravings, immunity and aids in slowing down the aging process. As much as I intend to make a smoothie filled with all of the good stuff, mornings can be busy with two kids and a business, and firing up the blender isn’t always in the cards for me.

6. With back to school and the general ick that goes around in the fall, I use Sprayology’s Immuno Booster. It's a doctor created, FDA approved, homeopathic spray that restores the body’s natural defenses. I cannot afford a sick day and if I have the day off I want to enjoy it. This is my insurance. 

7. Don’t worry — I have not forgotten my face … or yours. I'm in love with Meder sheet masks (please email to order). To be fair, I love the entire line, but the masks give you an immediate boost. The Al5 mask, also known as Arma-Lift, accelerates the skin’s restorative processes, blocks melanin production while brightening, firms and moisturizes. It's a post-summer MUST, but honestly the Meder masks should be part of everyone’s regimen.

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“There is great irony in the fact that the moment you become comfortable in your skin, it begins to sag.
–Cayli Cavaco Reck

I have been surrounded by fashion and beauty since I was in utero. Not only do I have the unique distinction of being born to two former Vogue fashion editors, but, together, my father Paul Cavaco—an iconic stylist—and my mother Kezia Keeble—a style visionary—formed what is now fashion PR powerhouse KCD, while my mother was pregnant with me. Quite literally, I have been “on set” since the day I was conceived.
As a result, aesthetics are my mother tongue. I count some of the most well-known names in fashion, home, beauty, media and entertainment as not just friends, but family; and my life has been spent behind the scenes, from editorial shoots to fashion shows. An editor in my own right, my name has been listed on the mastheads of magazines including SeventeenTeen VogueElle Accessories and Elle Decor and I have contributed to the pages of House & GardenC Magazine and Allure, to name a few. These days, I work as a brand strategist and creative director for fashion, beauty and lifestyle lines. That said, I am a mom and a wife first. Nothing is more important to me than taking care of the people I love and by extension, taking care of myself. I lost my mother at the young, formative age of thirteen. At that time, I felt so unbelievably at sea. One thing that gave me some comfort was self-care. There is a comfort for me in the regimen: The act of applying, experimenting and discovering amazing new formulas helps me relax and feel joy.
Knocking On Forty was born as my passion project. It’s an outlet for all my beauty, style and culture-related discoveries. But also it’s a destination for women like me—with hectic schedules and limited time. I experiment and review so that I can share my findings and hopefully inspire women. I finally feel at peace with who I am. I want to radiate that contentment and encourage that in women.