We have three kids so we certainly have had a love-hate relationship with highchairs over the years. They're a necessity but are the last thing you want to look at or have cluttering up your kitchen or eating area.  For our third time around, we skipped the fancy, very expensive high chairs and went straight for an Ikea model. It's extremely cheap, well grounded, safe and when you finally ditch it you won't feel bad about the price!

I've recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up and I'm trying my best to prescribe to this method. Where I have been able to apply it, I must say, it works. Try it out — test your strength.  I also took the plunge and with the guidance of the Gachot design team I redid our bed with linens and coverings from Area. I have considered it to be the Life Changing Magic of Upgrading your Bed Linens.  However, I won't be writing a book with that title.