We are loving Portugal at the moment and one special place stands out:  Quinta da Regaleira.  A private home and castle located in Sintra that was curated and built with such intellectual detail that we were completely mezmerized.  You must take a private guided tour through the property to understand the nuances and even to find the hidden well that leads you down a circular staircase 20 feet below ground and deposits you behind a waterfall. Mindbending and extremely inspiring. 

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To gear up for family travel, we use Tumi International sized roller bags that fit in the overhead. They hold A LOT of clothes and they keep us streamlined and efficient. I find it better for everyone to have their own dedicated bag rather than a few huge duffles. When you pack all together, you get dinged on luggage weight by the airline, and once you arrive, it is a bit of a mess unpacking everyone. With a dedicated bag each, everyone can be in charge of their own items.