Homeboy Bakery

Homeboy Bakery
Homeboy Bakery was founded in 1992, after the Los Angeles riots. Each year, more than 10,000 former gang members come to Homeboy to change their lives. Homeboy offers an 18-month training program, full-time improvement, a new hope and even laser removal for those who want to get rid of their gang tattoos. And on top of all that, their pastries are delicious!

LA Kitchen
"Neither food or people should ever go to waste" is the motto of LA Kitchen. They use so-called ugly vegetables and other foods prepared by volunteers to serve meals on Skid Row, an area of Downtown Los Angeles that needs help. It’s really easy to volunteer, anyone can do it — even if you have no idea how to cook!

The Fighting Kit
My friend Charlotte used to be a fashion designer, and then battled — and defeated! — ovarian cancer. She decided to change her life completely, create a blog and a start up called ‘The Fighting Kit’. She helps cancer patients to keep their head high with beauty boxes that are specially catered to their needs. 

Daniel Giusti used to be the head chef at Noma (one of the best restaurants in the world), and he started ‘Brigaid’ to change the way kids eat in schools. They believe that kids deserve better food, cooked with care and passion. 

Favela Organica
I discovered Regina Tchelly through Le Fooding, which organized an event with her back in September. Regina founded Favela Organica five years ago in Rio: she’s been feeding people in the favelas since that day, and teaches them how to cook with zero food waste. She even showed us how to make a banana tart using the banana skins!

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