The Select Guest



Featured 10.31-11.6 | Here are some fun facts you should know about journalist Yale Breslin: He can't whistle (sad), he color coordinates his books (scary), he is never late (admirable), and he once went to Croatia to test drive a new model Bentley for Jay Z (baller). Here's another fun fact: I insta-stalked him until he agreed to be a Select Guest. You can thank me later, but for now meet the Canadian native who moved to NYC and made this city his bitch (in a good way). He's the EIC of Industrie Magazine, which makes him super cool, and his byline appears everywhere from Vogue to Elle to T: The NY Times Style Magazine, which makes him super smart. He's also really cute (get in line) and really, really funny. See? Aren't you happy I tracked him down? Welcome to Yale's Week.