TASTE | Tequila + Swedish Fish: Yale's Perfect Diet

Oh man. Where do I begin? I think a running (errrrr ranting list) may be best here. In no particular order, here it goes. The Infatuation (for all the new food happenings around NYC), Le Coucou (because I finally managed to score a reservation), Basil (because everything is better with it), GOOP (because EVERYTHING), Chicken Soup from Fred’s (because it reminds me of home), Red Swedish Fish (because this is what I like to eat when nobody is looking), Casamigos Tequila (because it tastes like butttttah and the next morning is manageable), Pietro Nolita (because anybody who can do “healthy Italian” deserves a medal), chicken skewers from Mr. Chow (because I get sick of everything and I’ve never gotten tired of these), Kappo Masa (because….you don’t need a because), and The Palm (because dirty martini + wedge salad + half and half + shared steak + another dirty martini = PURE PERFECTION AND HAPPINESS). 

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Pietro Nolita
174 Elizabeth St, New York City
+1 646 998 4999

Mr. Chow
multiple locations

Kappo Masa
976 Madison Ave, New York City
+1 212 906 7141

The Palm
multiple locations

The Infatuation 
For all the new food happenings around NYC.

Le Coucou 
138 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013
+1 212 271 4252
Because I finally managed to score a reservation.

FRED'S at Barneys
660 Madison Ave, 9th Floor, New York City
+1 212 833 2200