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I’m hooked on Refine Method and WundaBar Pilates. The former is a boutique gym near my apartment in the West Village that is all about full body circuit training. It’s intense. It’s hard. This is a reminder that I need to go back. WundaBar Pilates just moved here from LA. They have an awesome new spot in SoHo. I was told “Pilates isn’t a real workout. You never sweat in it.” Whoever said that needs to book the next available reformer at WundaBar Pilates because they will be eating their words.

I'm hooked on Outdoor Voices. Best branding, best work out gear, best interiors. Plus, their recent collaboration with APC blew my mind. I would wear it all day every day if I could. I think they just moved to a new location around the coner from their old spot in SoHo. I haven’t been yet but I’ve seen the pics. I think I’ll go this afternoon.

Oh, I also love this new spot called HeyDay. It’s a new business idea where they’ve changed the perception (and branding) of what a facial is. If you’re in New York – go check it out.

And, The Class by Taryn Toomey. Taryn teaches her signature “class” and it’s bonkers. You laugh, you cry. She plays 50 Cent and then segues into Fleetwood Mac. You jump, you scream, you sweat like a motherfucker, you burpee and then downward dog. You leave not having a clue what you just did – but you know you need to go back. Plus, she curses. Which I love. 

Refine Method
131 Perry St, New York City
+1 646 820 3463
+ other locations

Wundabar Pilates
21 Thompson St, B, New York City
+1 646 580 1517

Outdoor Voices
251 Centre St, New York City
+1 646 861 1023

multiple locations