My favorite ways of exercise are running (when the weather is good) and pilates. I have to confess, I haven't done a stellar job of keeping up with my exercise routine lately but it's totally at the top of my things to do. I used to work as a model in my early 20s and working out was a huge part of my life, so now I keep telling myself that I'm rebelling against all of that, somehow my lower back is telling me otherwise. Pilates is the best "anti-desk job" workout I've come across, and running for me is a kind of energizing meditation. I also recently bought some leg and hand weights to keep at home with the best intentions. To be continued....

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ClassPass: I love classpass because it means I get to try a number of different studios around both my work and home. Occasionally I'll try something new,  but that first class is always so damn awkward. I really should just woman up! 


Skincare: I'm all about skin first and a dedicated user of La Mer serums and masks. I recently discovered Vintner's Daughter which is a rich, oil-like botanical serum that smells beautiful, has no chemicals and works great under make-up. 

Occasionally I'll have a smoothie with The Super Elixir, but I don't often eat breakfast — I usually fast for the first part of the day. My plan is to bring my blender to my office and start doing smoothies for lunch. It's a great antidote to late evenings and unbalanced nutrition - my skin always thanks me when I eat super greens on the regular!