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meet | zanita whittington

Featured 6.18-6.24.18| Turn the clock back ten years and here’s where you are: Zanita Whittington resides in Australia with a laptop, a camera and a lot of spare time. She teaches herself how to use the camera, launches a personal style blog, moves around the world with a suitcase full of killer outfits, contributes content to every big name brand from Vogue to Louis Vuitton to Samsung. Cut to 2018 and she’s taken what basically started out as a side hustle and turned it into digital gold. The ultimate multi-hyphenate (she calls herself a photographer-blogger-entrepreneur-creative director-internet person), Whittington has literally trotted the globe (Perth, Sydney, Hamburg, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam) and is now solidly planted in New York, celebrating a decade of her blog,, and crushing the Internet on the daily. Many would also argue that she’s largely responsible for turning street style into statement, and here’s the thing: it’s not at all where she came from (ever heard of Esperance? Neither had we. It’s the remote area in Western Australia where there are things like cattle and cereal crop farms. It’s also where Whittington is from), which makes her rise even more impressive. So, this week we celebrate a woman who knew what was up long before any of us had heard of the double tap.
Welcome to Zanita’s week.